Windows being leader in Operating System for Computers have also captured a large percent of smart phones Operating System market. We Mobile iphone development India do understand your requirement of being connected to your social networking websites, and thus develop Windows Mobile Social Networking Application, that you need for your Windows Mobile.

Our Windows Mobile Social Networking Application Programmers are expert enough to built application for social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and others as per your requirement. We are among the leading Windows Mobile Social Networking Application Development company in India, and cater lots of Windows Mobile Social Networking Application Clients from all over the world.

Just how big could mobile social networking get? This application’s usage could become “as big as online social networking,” says Dennis Crowley, founder of wireless social network Dodgeball, owned by Google. About 45% of active Web users have been to online social networking sites, according to a recent study by Nielsen/NetRatings. As MySpace expands beyond its core market of teens and young adults, “We expect penetration of MySpace mobile to match penetration of cell phones,” which are owned by 80% of Americans, says Digiaro. Mobile access could become even more prevalent outside of the U.S., where in some cases more people use cell phones than personal computers to surf the Web.

We develop Windows Mobile Social Networking applications/ software that allow Windows mobile users to access social networking websites easily.

  • Make your mobile a business networking and socializing tool.
  • Access all the features of popular social networks on your mobile
  • Promote your businesses faster through social networking.
  • Get connected with business and social network anywhere and anytime
  • Use the established and ever-increasing mobile user base for brand building

Further helps you to do the following functions:

  • Adding and responding to tweets, using twitter.
  • Status updates
  • Wall posting, scrap book access and posting
  • Making profile comments
  • Easy and clear visualization of photos on mobile
  • Mobile user can access and read new & unread articles with help of customized content feeds.